Friend Jen & Co

How we aligned Friend Jen & co's branding with their core values
and customer perception.


Client work

Branding, Stationery Design, Strategy,

New ambitions

Friend Jen & Co is a small, family owned cannabis dispensary located in Richmond, Maine. They were looking to do a complete rebranding in order to better align with their core values.  
We wanted to represent the friendly, calm and neighbourly potential of the brand and build an illustrative brand.

The Beginner

The Recreational

The Main

Where we started

To get at the heart of what makes Friend Jen truly stands for we asked the founders, customers and employees to write down their struggles.  From this exercise, we learned what Friend Jen & Co truly stands for, what the problems were and with the three personas crafted we knew what direction we wanted to take.

Clean brand — playful products

With many products being sold for wholesale we wanted to take a fun approach with their products, while the brand itself should feel more neighbourly. With this, we went for a clean brand with the products being the playful part of the brand. This creates a symbiosis between the brand and its products.

Flower Products

For the products we wanted to create a unique identity. Each flower has its own name and matching visual direction. With this, we make the brand more impactful from a consumer perspective.

Since the cannabis industry is heavily regulated, we went for a standard mylar bag printed in the flowers respective key color, and to keep the friendly touch we went for die-cut stickers. This also makes it super easy to change according to new regulations.

Social Media

With the new rebrand we also focused on how to effectivly portray the new brand on Instagram. We created presets for photos and also invested time into make a Giphy account in order to use custom gifs that follows the brand guidelines on Instagram Stories.


With everything said and done we launched the new rebrand in big scale. As with all rebranding's it's a process that takes time to launch.
Although, with this in mind, Friend Jen & Co saw an increase in social media engagements, followers, increased sales, more recurrent customers and an increased employee pride.

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