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Client work

UI, UX,  Strategy, User Research

New ambitions

Friend Jen & Co is a small, family owned cannabis dispensary located in Richmond, Maine. They were looking to do a complete rebranding in order to better align with their core values.  
We wanted to represent the friendly, calm and neighbourly potential of the brand and build an illustrative brand.

You can read more on the rebranding here ↗

Red thread and a lively palette

We wanted to stretch Friend Jen & Co's visual identity for digital mediums. We wanted to represent the friendly, calm and neighbourly potential of what the brand could be. With rules already laid out in the rebranding we went for a clear red thread with the 'Clean brand — lively products' approach. We ended up with lively, colourful product pages matching the packaging of the product, while hosting that in a clean and calm layout.

Interaction and illustration

To create an experience that would portray the diversity and quality Friend Jen stands for we pushed for a lively and playful website with color and illustration as the main attraction.

Keep it fun and lively

We wanted to keep everything neat, fun and lively. With this approach we ended up with a clean, simple layout with small graphics to give the finishing quality touch.

Lively Palette

With a lively palette to work from we aimed for different main and accent colors. With this we kept it fresh and interesting while also honouring the newly found playfulness of the brand.

Clean brand — colorful products

With the brand being clean and using a lot of matte colors we wanted to find a a balance where we could use matte colors and at the same time use very saturated colors to match the packaging.

Bringing it all together


It’s certainly an exciting time to see a company like Friend Jen & co growing and succeeding and we’re proud to have been part defining what’s possible in this initial phase.
After launch Friend Jen & co saw all their metrics go up, both in purchase, more customers returning and new customers. A digital push and a rebranding helped their company stand out from the rest and we achieved to target their ideal customer.

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