A love letter to the
inspiring architecture that we walk by every day.

House of Malmö (HoM) was started in 2021 to show the beauty of Malmö stads architecture — HoMs purpose is to show the beauty of Malmö, which so many of us walk by every single day.

The concept is to sell posters of beautiful houses that we walk by every day and educate people on history.

Mockups of HoM prints

Building the story and art direction

Our approach was to figure the ‘why’ – with the ‘why’ set and figured out it guide the entire design process, from initial concept to finalized, marketable product.  

Before diving into visuals, we began with a strategic and creative vision, with the sole intent of what we aimed to achieve, the challenges we faced, and who the intended message was for.

From this foundation, we built the concept to achieve excellent results.

Picture of Malmö city

Uncovering the history

Our initial user tests and market research concluded that history was an important key that made people feel ownership. The ownership came from the history of the buildings. For example, learning history about your own house or a house nearby makes you feel proud and creates a sense of ownership.

This main takeaway guided not only the website but the entire marketing strategy.

Pictures of houses in MalmöPictures of houses in Malmö

Bringing the
visual identity to life

We wanted to make the brand work for everyone. The brand should not take over because the actual houses on posters are the most important thing. The brand should elevate the posters.

Logos of Houses of Malmö
Palette for houses of malmö
Posters of houses of malmö

An e-commerce platform built on Shopify

The choice was easy when it came to what platform we wanted to use for e-commerce. Shopify is a true and tested platform that allows excellent freedom and gives us a perfect foundation to build from.

We aimed for a great experience, and we achieved this by using several different animation libraries, which made the website unique in the home-decor sector.

Houses of Malmö web design

New technologies

With new technologies emerging, we wanted to support all the latest features. We implemented a dark mode for the entire site and heavily used GSAP for front-end polish.


Due to the nature of home decor, Instagram was the chosen platform to market the products. We designed templates and did marketing plans to make it easy to maintain an active profile.

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